Industrial design

Industrial design (or a design) is the appearance of a product or its part, determined by peculiarities of shape, colour, ornament, surface structure or material of a product or other peculiarities or their combination. To the industrial designs novelty and individual character requirements are applicable.

If you manufacture products for which you have developed original design, in order to prevent copying of appearance of your product by others, it may be protected through registration of the industrial design for the appearance of your product.

Registration of the industrial design entitles you with exclusive right in respect of your industrial design, resulting in possibility to prohibit others using in commerce the same industrial design without your permission. You will also be able to commercialize your work through licencing or sale of the industrial design.

Registration of the industrial design has territorial effect, which means that the industrial design is protected within the territory where it is registered. This may be a certain state, a number of your chosen states or a region.