Trademark is an indispensable part of any business. It is the trademark by which consumers recognize your goods and services and distinguish them from goods and services of your competitors. Trademark may be a wordmark (for example, a company name, a tagline etc.), a device trademark (for example, a picture, an emblem), a combined trademark (comprising a word element and a picture), three-dimensional trademark (for example, creative packaging of goods). There are also non-conventional trademrks, to which refer colour combinations, sounds and scents.

In order to secure right on a trademark and to obtain effective protection measures against its undesirable use by third parties, a trademark should get registered. Trademark regsitration grants its owner exclusive right to prohibit others using identical or confusingly similar designation in respect of identical or similar goods or services.

Trademark registration has territorial effect, which means that trademark is protected within the territory where it is registered. This may be a certain state, a number of your chosen states or a region.